Foreign Affairs Act

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Foreign Affairs Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Preamble: This bill sets out the procedure by which formal ties must be established between Liberalia and another region.

Article I Embassy Administration

Clause 1: Anybody who registers on the Liberalia forum can recommend the creation of an embassy to the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Clause 2: The Foreign Affairs Minister will look over the region to deem suitability by examining both the region and forums.

Section a: The following factors will be taken into account:

Is it a democratic region? Is there a functioning government? Which other regions are they allied/have an embassy/counsulate with? Are they involved with defender/invader activity? Are there regular postings to show activity? What, if any, prior involvement with the region has Liberalia had?

Clause 3: On the adoption of a embassy, the Foreign Minister shall dispatch an ambassador forthwith.

Clause 4: The Foreign Affairs Minister will oversee a local embassy for guests of Liberalia.

Clause 5: An embassy may be closed by the Foreign Affairs Minister, or by a vote through Parliament.

Article II Treaty Approval

Clause 1: All forms of inter-regional relations outside of embassy administration require the approval of Parliament. This includes, but is not limited to: alliances, peace treaties, pacts of friendship or cooperation, and declarations of hostilities.

Section a: The University of Liberalia, in its efforts to gather and share public information, is exempt from Article II, Clause 1.

Clause 2: Parliament shall vote on whether to adopt or not adopt a treaty.

Section a: The decision of parliament is final.

Article III Treaty Cancellation

Clause 1: Parliament shall vote on whether to cancel a treaty.

Section a: The decision of parliament is final.

Clause 2: Where a democratic government has been overthrown and replaced with a non-democratic regime, the Foreign Affairs Minister or Prime Minister may decide to suspend relations.

Section a: While relations can be suspended, Parliament retains the responsibility of negating treaties.

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